Hospital parking charges at Good Hope Hospital – 2008/09 figures raise questions

I’ve had a response to my Freedom of Information request to Good Hope Hospital (PDF) for their income from parking charges – and their expenditure.

This is how they say it breaks down:

Year Income Expenditure
2006/07 762213 929989
2007/08 907976 1191302
2008/09 1064886 1206069

What makes me curious about these figures is that the hospital appears to be making a consistent loss on parking – of between £140,000 (08/09) and £280,000 (07/08). Often hospitals claim they outsource parking because it is supposed to be done more efficiently. I’m not sure how a car park which costs £1.2m per year to run can be seen to be efficient.

Meanwhile, while the Lib Dem figures showed parking charges rose by 20% from 06/07 to 07/08; these figures show that that rate has continued.

Curiously, the figures above differ from those obtained by the Liberal Democrats by around £60,000 – I’m not sure why.

But more importantly, I’m not clear how you can spend £1.2m on a car park – and that’s my next question to the Heart of England NHS Trust.

If you want to help me find out more, post a comment and I can invite you to the investigation.


4 responses to “Hospital parking charges at Good Hope Hospital – 2008/09 figures raise questions

  1. Perhaps hospitals should be making a profit from parking and use it to help fund services like diabetes, asthma clinics, A&E and other areas where problems are caused by excessive and unnecessary car use?

  2. I have no doubt these plans will be shelved. I did not know about Hope hospitals plans. Interesting! Will continue to post links on any relevant news. thanks for the comment.

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