Further thoughts and figures

Rounding things up:

The hospital reports that it makes £840k from parking, but has expenditure of £1.2m

Those costs include ‘capital charges’ of around £500k and a council lease which increased from £3k to £250k, plus rates of £120k.

The visitor car parking is operated by APCOA, staff parking by the hospital. I’m not sure if this is right, but if I add up all the expenditure that doesn’t go to the council or government, the hospital is essentially paying a maximum of £300k to APCOA to maintain its parking? (It is unlikely to be £300k as the hospital maintains staff parking – one question might be how that expenditure splits between staff and visitor parking) The remaining £900k goes to the council and government.

So do APCOA give the hospital £700k of their £840k revenue (£140k is staff parking revenue) and take something themselves?


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